Everyone was and is forced into quarantine due to the COVID-19 Pandemic occurrence. People had to work from home and are still following this standard because the coronavirus situation still exists. People are receiving their vaccinations, but remote work is assumed to be a new norm for many folks.

Work from home is the need of the moment but the majority of people have not designed a home office. Below are some tips that can help you set a great work environment in your home? With the right kind of home workspace arrangement, employees can concentrate on the essentials and be more productive.

Essentials to improve productivity working from home


If you’re working from home, you need to buy a height adjustable desk for your home office. EZ Shopper offers an adjustable home office desk with ample room yet minimalistic and simple to set your desktop or monitor. The adjustable sit/stand desks are electrically powered. It can offer a modern feel and mix in any room style. The adjustable electric-powered desk can support 80 kg.

The desk even has an anti-collision system alignment detection, as well as motor, overheats protection. You can easily diagnose errors via a digital control pad. The desk even has a lockable feature to prevent pets or kids from activating it.

Ergonomic office chair

Coronavirus home-working tips as workplaces prepare to limit spread - Daily Record

To work in front of the computer, you will need to invest in a good quality ergonomic chair. It helps to prevent long-term injury to your back. The office chairs are designed for long-hour comfort while sitting at the desk.

Wi-Fi speed

As you work from home, there is a need for a speedy internet connection. Invest in a good Wi-Fi modem and router.

Noise cancellation headphones

There will be regular video or conference calls with your work team. A headphone with a decent microphone and comfortable design for the ears is essential. You will be able to hear everyone better as well it ensures that all your colleagues hear your communication or interaction.

Bluetooth speaker

You can invest in a Bluetooth speaker with high-performance and excellent sound quality. It offers flexibility to work from some other room at noon beside the home office. Bluetooth speakers are compact, portable yet powerful. The speaker is equipped with an inbuilt microphone, so a conference call with the team is also possible.

Wireless phone charger

It means one less cable kept lying around. The charging mat sits discreetly under the monitor. It is a user-friendly and safe alternative to add to your home office.


Lighting needs will depend on the workspace setup.

  • Desk lamp – LED desk lamps will even allow working at night. They are also equipped with charging docks for the phone.
  • Light-bulb – If there is less natural sunlight look for a full-spectrum bulb for the lamp. You gain natural brightness that keeps your energy level high. It resembles natural sunlight!

Organize day routines to enhance work productivity. Start early and complete crucial work before lunch break. Even dress up like be presentable, so on video calls, you make an impression. Set workplace ground rules for everyone under the roof and take invigorating breaks. Sleep is also crucial to keep you motivated and sharp all day, so ensure to follow the routine seriously.