Google faced huge loss during the first quarter of 2020 due to the effect of covid-19 pandemic. But in the second quarter, its earning was improved. Nowadays investors are investing in Google stock as the price of the shares in NASDAQ GOOG at is increasing and if people will sell these shares, they can get more income and profit. There are many reasons of increasing the value of NASDAQ GOOG and some of them are mentioned here.

Value of the shares is attractive

The value of the share is attractive as Google is progressing because of the products and services that it is providing to its customers. In NASDAQ 100, The NDX _0.93 has the value, which is 19 times more than the early earnings of the company. The study conducted in 2016 showed this value.

Google is the cash king

Google is considered as the cash king as it held the value of cash worth $64.4 billion in 2016. It has now increased much in comparison to previous year and the company is still progressing in spite of covid-19 pandemic. The company has earned huge amount of revenue due to digital marketing, which it has conducted through various services.

Growth of the company

The company is growing at a fast speed due to the strategies that it has applied in order to beat the competitors. In the case of search the information, Google has still dominated the market and in the case of digital advertising, Google has been ranked at first position while Facebook is second and Amazon is third. All these things are found in the studies done after seeing the revenue of Google in the third quarter. In the case of Cloud technology, Google is lagging as the first rank is taken up by Microsoft and the second is Amazon. Google is at the third rank and it has captured around 9% of the market. Google is also prospering because of the Android operating system, which is being used by many companies while they are manufacturing mobiles.

New products of Google and competitors

The competitors of Google are manufacturing innovative products and in order to beat them, Google is also doing so. It has manufactured many mobiles and they came with good features. Though some of the mobiles are not liked by the audience, but now the mobiles that it is providing good response from the people. The reason behind this is the Android operating system.

In all, it can be said that Google is prospering in spite of covid-19 pandemic and it will remain on top for a long time and keep beating its competitors. You can check more information like income statement at before investing.