Feedback is so much a part of corporate culture, but the act of giving it is mostly under-used and undervalued, despite its enormous potential. The proven advantages range from an enriched workplace atmosphere, to higher levels of worker retention. Constantly incorporating constructive input within your workplace will ensure that the climate is much more efficient and safe.

These tips for both getting and giving input can increase the possibility of meaningful improvement among employees.

  • As basic as it may seem, a simple “Thank You” from leaders can have a galvanizing impact on employees.
  • Don’t save up your appreciation until your employees’ yearly assessment. It is much more rewarding and effective to let your team know that you support them when the task is still fresh in everyone’s minds.
  • Fostering a consistent dialogue by giving constructive feedback year round ensures that positive reinforcement remains the foundation of the organizational culture, building an authentic workplace atmosphere where the team is continually proud of their job.
  • Positive feedback is of course motivational, but boundaries still have to be set. Employees need to know what is and isn’t acceptable and/or expected of them. Mentoring and development provide opportunities to make these items clear, and gives employees time to share their own feedback for employers, as well.
  • Offer incentives to employees for providing constructive feedback, helping leadership discover more ways that they can set them up for long-term success.

Learning how to give and receive input is a precious and critical ability. When communication is frank, yet receptive, it facilitates a community where conflicts are at a minimum, and continual growth is seen in both employees and leadership. Check out to know more