Imports & exports in the US are expectedly subject to numerous rules and regulations set by CBP. If due compliance is not adhered to, shipments can be held back, or even destroyed. For an importer, there is nothing worse than having goods struck at the customs. The role of a customs broker is to help in the process. Services, such as Clearit FBA freight forwarding, work with clients in a very close way, to offer genuine assistance on various aspects of customs, compliance, trade agreements, government regulations, and international trade laws. 

In this post, we are reviewing some of the basic things that a customs broker handles for clients. 

  1. Documentation and paperwork. To start importing, a huge volume of documents must be arranged and organized, and that itself can be overwhelming for anyone with no or little idea about importing. The paperwork is not just lengthy, but extremely meticulous and complicated, as well. A customs broker can handle all of that on behalf of your company. 
  2. Trade agreements. International trade may seem lucrative, but for an importer, keeping up with changes in trade agreements is complex and convoluted. In fact, many importers hire customs brokers just to ensure that their work is in sync with international trade laws and agreements. 
  3. Audits. Talk to commercial importers, and they will tell you how compliance audits can be a real nightmare. It requires considerable work and time, and your customs broker can handle the same, by reviewing overseas clients of your company and if these clients have been adhering to the necessary laws. 
  4. Tariff codes. Another reason why importers hire customs brokers is because of tariff classification. Necessary codes must be labeled on shipments, and if that not done rightly, it can have serious consequences. Since customs brokers work extensively in the field and specialize in tariff classification, they can handle things for your business and keep tab on changing codes. 
  5. Taxes. Finally, let’s not forget the relevant matter of taxes. Penalties and fines can be serious if taxes are not paid as required. Besides helping with tax formalities, customs brokers also specialize in handling exemptions and refunds. They work with clients to ensure that money can be saved where possible, while remaining compliant. 

Check online now to find more on customs brokers in the US and contact one to know more on how they can help your importing business.