If someone lives in a remote quarter of the country, finding the right guide for their business is challenging, right? No, ever since the internet has stepped into our lives, there has been no turning back. It has spread its roots all over the place defying all the borders.

Want to find the best mentoring platform for yourself? You have landed at the right place. The article focuses on the best online mentoring platforms that will help you reach the skies of success.


  • Startup and growth mentoring platform
  • Design Mentoring Platforms
  • Career Mentoring Platform
  • Tech Mentoring Platforms

Based on the area you want to focus on, you can have a look at the choices available

Startup and growth

Growth mentor

The specialty of this platform is that the mentors get selected through a vetted program. That means that if 2000 applicants fill out the eligibility form, only 10% of them are selected. This is done to ensure, that only the best and most qualified applicants teach you.

Another advantage of this platform is that majority of the mentors offer their time and skills for free. Only a section encourages paid rates, that too, for the collaborative spirit.

  • Launched: 2008
  • Pricing: $75 (billing quarterly); $60 (billing annually)


It is an open community of more than 25000 mentors and 70000 mentees. This mentoring platform offers a chance for the mentors and mentees to interact and decide if they can work together in the future. The strong point here will be the possibility of anyone becoming coming into a mentor-mentee relationship.

This makes the platform easily accessible for all businesses, irrespective of their current level.

Launched: 2008

Pricing: null


Clarity allows mentees to book calls with mentors for a specific duration. Once a session is confirmed, a mobile number and access code for a conference call is provided, and the mentee is pre-charged for the requested mentorship time.

Launched: 2012

Pricing: $1/per minute

 Design mentoring platform


Audience: everyone

The platform has its focuses on design and product management.

Launched: 2022

Pricing: nil

TechLadies Mentorship

Science/Engineering/Analysis, Product Management.

It is a 12-week program that provides women with personal career guidance from experienced industry practitioners.

Launched: 2016


A diverse and global design platform bringing together designers from all around the world.

Pricing: nil

Career mentoring platform


This platform imparts knowledge, expertise, and skills through the best experts in the field. The selection process is vetted ensuring that only the best reaches you.

An individual can enjoy personalized sessions and even one-to-one access.

The muse

The muse is a mentoring platform that will aid you with your future and current career plans.

There are different prices charged, depending on the services selected. It is free for casual use.

Launched: 2011

Pricing: $3.99 per month

Tech mentoring platforms


Mentorcruise offers industry-leading counsel from the most excellent tech specialists to have a 1-on-1 interface with your tutor utilizing the Mentorcruise chat stage. The stage centers on a long-term mentorship program but does give a one-time casual mentorship session as well.

Pricing: subscription starts at $10


Codementor lets you interface together with your mentor or hire a computer program. It has a variety of technical assistance available.

Launched: 2013

Pricing: $8 to $15 for 15 minutes

Advantages of the mentoring platform:

Working field introduction– On the off chance that you’re a college understudy or somebody who is almost to connect the working drive, a mentoring platform may be a great step to induce get a handle on the working field. Not everything is secured within the course readings and can be learned based on hypotheses alone (you will pick up a tip or two from your favorite K-drama or movies on Netflix), in any case, nothing can compare the exhortation from the industry specialists with numerous a long time of encounter.

Shapes differences– Yes, typically the most excellent time to grow your associations in your industry through mentoring programs. Differences make openings, build systems, and give a variety of information and aptitudes past your desires. Point for the sky, people!

 Boost confidence– A show-stopper mascara or the haircut that would not move a strand of hair due to a huge sum of gel or hairspray isn’t sufficient to boost your certainty. It is the encounter that you just have picked up amid the mentoring program that will offer assistance to boost your by and large confidence.

Mentoring is vital in today’s crossover working environment. And whereas the organization or strategy of the relationship between tutor and mentee may have moved, the elemental objectives and preferences stay the same. There’s an extraordinary control that can be unleashed when sharing information and aptitudes between those who need and require it most. Get started with your mentor today.