Gloves have always been an integral part of the food and janitorial industry, but during this current pandemic, larger supplies are in demand since more individuals outside of these industries need the product to help clean common surfaces in their places of employment. Because of latex allergies, Vinyl Gloves are an optimal choice for businesses that want an affordable and easily disposable product that will not harm the wearer. The vinyl material also helps provide more dexterity than thicker latex, increasing productivity while withstanding a fair amount of use and abuse.

Don’t Sacrifice a Beloved Brand Due to Supplier Constraints

Many businesses find a style or brand of gloves that works best with their employees and try to stick with it but often deal with a supplier that is not willing to bring in anything other than what they already offer. To avoid unhappy employees and limited choices, businesses should switch to a supply company that sources products from vendors that produce exactly what their customers need. These companies go out of their way to make sure each client gets the exact style of glove they need at an affordable cost, creating a loyal bond and ensuring that everyone involved with the product has an enjoyable experience.

Plenty of Gloves to go Around

Most vinyl gloves that are sold by companies like Richmond Advantage come in 10 bundled packs of 100, providing customers with 1000 gloves in each case at a rough charge of 10¢ per glove. The gloves are available in sizes small through extra-large, but only one size per case, which means clients need to be aware of the best sizes to purchase for their staff. The price of each case covers the cost of shipping and ends up saving customers fees they would probably pay to a different supplier.

Not a Source of Financial Burden

In addition to sanitizing, the restaurant industry relies on gloves and masks to ensure food preparation occurs under the healthiest of circumstances. Gloves made of vinyl work best in these situations due to their affordability and ease of use. For the small amount the gloves cost, restaurant owners can easily offset any added expense with a slight increase in food prices.

Taking the Stress Out of Inventory Control

Keeping an ample supply of gloves on hand is important to both the restaurant and cleaning industries. During the pandemic, more gloves than ever are being used, and it can be easy to run supplies thin without realizing it. Fortunately, companies like Richmond Advantage assign each customer a dedicated service representative who evaluates the supply demands, focusing on the number of gloves used and the time it takes to use up the inventory. The representative will then have a precise time frame in which to contact the customer as supplies start to dwindle and schedule another shipment to arrive before the current supply runs too thin.

More Than Just Hand Protection

In addition to gloves, supply companies carry all of the tools and disinfectants a business needs to keep things properly sanitized. From gallon jugs of multi-surface cleaners and cases of cotton mop heads to hand sanitizing dispensers and scented germicidal disinfectants, customers can find everything they need to ensure their business stays healthy