One of the most important job roles assigned to an HR specialist is to ensure that productivity is always maintained at the workspace. While hiring a new employee, they are interviewed based on their talents, ability, and what they have to offer to the firm. However, it is also ensured that they play a part in either maintaining or boosting productivity at work. 

Here, we will be discussing a few things that you can do (or not do) to enhance the productive environment for yourself. 

Avoid multitasking

Contrary to popular opinion, multitasking does not help you get a lot of work done in time. Well, it does not, but none of these reports reflect originality, efficiency, or creativity. 

If you multitask for a particular amount of time in the morning, it drains your energy too fast and renders you extremely unproductive for the rest of the day. 

Hence, according to recent findings, multitasking slows you down instead of increasing your speed. On the other hand, if you focus on one particular task, it comes out as an efficient and genuine piece of work. 

Keep the chores for later

You will find several self-proclaimed experts telling you how you should get done with the routine chores like responding to emails, calling people back, or having to edit PDF online in the first half. In any case, you must not let them decide your day for you. Since you have no input to offer in these tasks, you must not start your day with them since these will only set you off to a boring start. 

A human being is usually the most energized during the first half of the day. As each hour passes by, their productivity rate also keeps dropping. Hence, all the important jobs that require your active participation or creative input must be finished before the lunch break. 

Delegation is important

Instead of thinking that you can manage everything, try to delegate. If you have people working for you, there is a reason that you are the team leader. As the superior, your job is not just to get the work done but also to identify the skills of your employees and assign them to work accordingly. 

Make the interns work too. If it is something simple as converting a PDF to Word document, it does not require your expertise. Therefore, you can happily delegate this work to an intern. 

Take proper breaks

When we say a break, we don’t mean taking time off of work to scroll on your Instagram feed. That would still require your brain to process information which negates the idea of a break. 

For a break, you can go take a walk down the building or get a coffee. You could also sit on your desk and do nothing. It does sound weird, but it also gives you a break from having to wrack your brains every second of the hour. Keep yourself away from phones or desktops and just let your mind relax. This plays a great part in maintaining productivity throughout the day.