Choosing the accountant is not an easy task. The reason is that hiring a professional or accounting firm goes far beyond a tax obligation.

Today his role is much broader: instead of a figure needed to comply with legislation, the accountant becomes a strategic partner for the entrepreneur.

For this reason, it is not a choice that can be delegated, that can be reduced to one or two competencies, or that should follow only the recommendation of a friend. In case of the streamlined foreign offshore procedure this is important. Faced with this challenge, we decided to give a little help.

Small Business Accounting

We have prepared a guide on the importance of the accountant and how to find the ideal professional for your business.

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In this article, you will find important references to guide your decision, you will better understand the role of the accountant in the digital age and you will discover the difference that a good professional in the field can make in your results.

Importance of choosing the meter

As you know, having an accountant is essential. The performance of an accounting professional is essential in companies of all sizes and is governed by article 1,179 of the Civil Code.

  • In this respect, the choice must start from objective parameters, according to the training and the level of technical knowledge.
  • But the domain of the area should not be analyzed by itself. There is yet another relevant issue to be considered: the technology applied to accounting processes and routines makes the accountant, today, an even more important figure.
  • The digital accounting revolution makes this specialist much more than an obligation-taker.

With the automation of processes and the acceleration of their routines, the accountant gains more time to advise his client on topics with which he is familiar, such as finance, inventory, management and investments. For foreign bank account reporting this is important. Now he is an ally that you, the entrepreneur, cannot (and do not want) to give up.

  • Especially, a country that makes entrepreneurship so difficult.
  • Here, the mortality of companies is considered very high, at least in comparison with more developed countries.
  • For you to have a clearer dimension of the problem, just remember: most businesses do not survive the second year of life.

How to get out of this trap?

The answer could not be otherwise: professionalization of management.In this sense, the accountant is the specialist who will help to put order in the house.It can help a lot in organizing information about your financial results, which allows you to be guided by what the numbers say, and not just by your business feeling.

This professional even helps to figure out if you are actually making a profit or if your financial projection is flawed.Even before taking the business off the ground, contact with an accountant can accelerate the creation of the company and take your enterprise on the right path much faster than if you walked on your own, without this assistance.