A great husband, a proud father of two and a successful businessman for two decades, Jeff Lopes is raising all the attention of motivation seekers. Anyone who read about Jeff Lopes is awestruck to know how he manages everything so beautifully. His years of experience, highs, and lows, and his passion and driven him to the road of success.

Jeff says in an interview that you cannot achieve anything without working hard for it. It is important to channelize your passion and bring complete focus in your vision to make things work for you. Jeff successfully launched his first brand, Kimurawear at the age of 17. From that moment, there was no looking back for Jeff. The brand successfully sold over quarter million pairs of boxing gloves since 2006. That’s quite an achievement to speak about!

More about Jeff Lopes:

Jeff Lopes is a Toronto based business entrepreneur who carries a huge baggage of experiences and roller coaster rides of his years of journey in business. He is not only a successful businessman, but also a responsible parent. His interviews on various platforms speak volumes in relation to inspiration and motivation. From start-ups to fully emerged companies, Jeff has impressed many through his way of leading business.

One of the major mistakes that he feels he uttered was falling in love with his ideas of performance. Jeff strongly relates that the moment you fall in love with your business ideas and if it fails, you will be heartbroken. You will see excuses floating in and procrastination of your results. You have to stop writing on the wall and start working as a professional to make things work. Over addiction of anything is bad for health as well as business.

According to Jeff Lopes, he has felt this situation several times and came out of it successfully by following what he shared above.

 Upcoming projects by Jeff Lopes:

Jeff is in the process of launching a beautiful cabin resort on the breath-taking location of Muskoka, Ontario. The project is targeted to be completed by 2021. Lopes is extremely excited about his new venture. Till then, he is working in parallel with his existing projects such as the Jeff Knows Inc Podcast and Kimurawear.

We wish him the best for his future endeavours and hope that he achieves great results in everything that he does on the professional front.

Jeff Lopes can be reached out at the links below;

For podcasts, go to http://www.jeffknowsinc.com/entrepreneur-podcast

Email: Jeff@Jeffknowsinc.com