Investing in silver and gold is the most profitable type of investment you can think about. Since back in the year 2005 there’s been a steady rise in the value of both silver and gold. A common question of this rise has been a course, or it’s rather the beginning. It is an important question that deserves genuine consideration. Click here and understand more about this subject. Below information shows the upward pressure that remains on the values of both silver and gold:

History of silver and gold values

From 1793 to 1733, gold’s value was equivalent to $20.76 per ounce in the USA, and all the currencies could have been easily converted to gold. In 1933, the United States decided to go off regarding the gold standard. Most Foreign banks and citizens of the United States have been converting their US dollar currency into Gold. After Second World War II, the US dollar was supported by gold, especially when European nations were involved in the Second World War, which made them become heavily in debt.

1972 spike in Silver and Gold value

There is an extreme or unusual condition that exists during this moment when the value of silver and gold rose abnormally. Between 1974 and 1975, troubled countries and the entire world were in the Watergate scandal after President Nixon’s resignation. Arab members have taken control of reducing the cost of oil production and OPEC. During these moments, inflation escalated by 12%, and the rise of gold value coincided with consumers’ confidence. Below are various factors that influence the value of Gold:

Deficit spending and currency debasing

The long-term budget can severely deficit the economic stability of a country. When a country lends money or even increases money distribution by printing more paper money, its value will decrease. However, the value of gold will still remain unaffected. Therefore, when the dollar loses its value, gold price increase generally and vice versa is true.

Uncertain today’s condition

From 1988 to 2001, when the market crashed in 2000, the price of gold fell gradually while the dollar’s value remained unpredictable until 1996, when it dramatically escalated. Inflation, unemployment, and interest rates were all produced and lowered the economic stability feeling. In 2002 January, the gold rates started rising from $290 per ounce to more than $900 per ounce in the year 2008.


Terrible economic conditions spread all across the world, particularly in 2008, while Gold experience and steep increase to an initial $1100 per ounce. Many reasons caused these increase, but the unemployment rate still remains high, and deficit spending, money, and debt supply increased hurt economies and currencies. Click here and discover more about investing in silver and gold.