In this article we are going to talk about how you can grow your plumbing business with search engine optimization. We would always say that SEO is the least expensive thing and we know it to be true if you get up in organic rankings. Since, 75 percent of people go to google or depending on what reports you listen to 87 people go to google for search and then 75 percent of those people click on the organic rankings. So in our opinion it’s hundreds of percent better than any other marketing techniques. But all of them can work and there’s a few that are kind of home grown that be a good return on investment dollar.

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Organic Keywords Mapping

In the world of SEO, for us it’s organic mapping. It’s organic keywords and those where your ten pages show up you. Typically nowadays you will see map pack three you would like to be there for as many keywords as you can. The tens listing of websites underneath this is all organic not paid and then your reviews are important for your reputation you might even get some video mixed in there. So there’s a few things that you can mix and match around in the world of organic on google. You might throw in youtube in there but google primarily what’s going to do the return for you.


Let’s move on to leads, this doesn’t have anything to do with us and we have no issue with any of these companies that we are about to mention. Some people like them and some people don’t. And what it boils down to is whether it returns on for you or not. It depends on how you work your business and how closely you work with this stuff. So if you are a plumber looking for a business you might go to home advisor, you might try yelp, you might try thumb track or some other ones and we count that about three different things. Part of the reason for telling you these marketing techniques to you should try them. And when we sum up this real quick we will give you a really good method for trying these without getting screwed to death on all of them because in our opinion you should if you are going to be in business 10 years you try all of these. See this for more details.

Pay per click

Pay per click google paid now called google ads because you can pay per click or you can pay per call on google you can pay to be on the map. At the top you can pay for retargeting, remarketing like you are checking the weather for the day some you had gone to a website and then your banner follows those people around. By the way there are reports that say that increases your conversion by three to five hundred percent if they retargets. So it’s really tough to get a customer in the door to your website they get cookie tracked and then in case you don’t know a feebie here is that retarding remarketing is very inexpensive. Pay per call. Pay per click is very expensive but once they have already been to the website for pennies you can I mean you might spend thousands in on remarketing retargeting on google which you can facebook’s equivalent is called pixel tracking so cheap.


Search engine optimization is essential for any business. You can get client through it. If you have a plumber business and want to establish your business we will recommend you to improve your website’s natural visibility on search engines through optimization.