Planning a long-distance, interstate, or cross-country move? Planning and executing such a move is not a cakewalk and there can be a plethora of errors that will occur during the whole shifting process. One of the best long distance movers can help you out with shifting your home unruffled. The question is how will you find out that the one chosen by you is the best? Following some important points that can help you while selecting the best moving company for a long-distance move:

Check for how long they are in the business

Almost every genuine moving company today has a website in which all of their services and work history are mentioned. You can search the website for the section that includes their story and for how long they are in the moving business. Doing this will give you an idea about the experience of the company and its work ethics. A company which is active in the moving business for a long time will surely have well-trained and experienced employees to let you experience a peaceful shifting process.

Check their vehicles and drivers

Moving across the states or countries is based on a long journey. The vehicles of the moving company must be in perfect condition to cover such long distance without any interruptions. This is important for the safety of the belongings too as the condition of the vehicles carrying all of the household items and delicate things should be taken into account to reach the destination safely. All of the drivers must be well-trained and experienced with cross-country driving as it requires a gamut of expertise.

Check if the company can offer a good estimate about the pricing

A long-distance move may have some unexpected events and hidden costs. A well-experienced moving company can give you an estimate about the total expenditure by examining the number of items, their weight, the total distance, and the packing-unpacking process. Any sudden changes made during the process or during the shifting can also affect the final cost. A good moving company will not charge anything extra from the service they’re offering.

Check for these red flags:

  • A genuine moving company doesn’t ask for a large sum of money to be paid in advance, avoid dealing with such companies.
  • You must not believe whatever they mention on a phone call.
  • The payment made should be in the favor of the company’s name not in the favor of some individual’s name.
  • They must not ask you to sign a blank document.
  • Make sure the moving company has mentioned the number and the duration of breaks while moving. is an awarded Boston moving company which is active in the business since 2001. The company holds a long list of satisfied customers who have experienced short and long-distance moves. With the most dedicated professionals in the crew, Stairhopper Movers also provides services for commercial moving, packaging, and storage facilities. Visit the website for more information.