Long gone are those days when buying a car was an absolute necessity. These days, you need not have to own a car to ride to different places whenever you wish to. In our article, you are going to talk about all the things that you need to know about the Lyft app. By the end of this article, you will get to know how Lyft has changed our lives for the better. You will also get to know how to make money as a lyft driver.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is nothing but an app by means of which you will be able to call a driver and a car to the desired location. It is one of the most popular ride-hailing services available to us. As soon as you request a ride, the driver who is nearest to you will arrive at your location and will drive you to your destination in the most hassle-free way. Even before you begin your journey, you will be given an estimated time for your journey based on which you may either accept or decline the ride. Once you download the app, you will be asked to give all your payment details so that you need not have to worry about payments during your journey.

How do I get the Lyft app?


You will easily be able to download the Lyft app from PlayStore. After the app is installed on your mobile phone, you will have to insert your personal information like email address and password. You will also have to choose your preferred payment methods like debit card or credit card. Lyft also supports Paypal and Apple Pay. Lyft has a location tracking feature to track your exact pickup location.

What are the various features of Lyft?

Lyft and Uber have always been close competitors. However, these two apps do not operate in the exact same way. Lyft has several extraordinary features which make it the most popular choice among the customers. You will be able to request a ride for your friend or relative. In that case, you need not have to give your location. Instead, you will have to give the pickup location of your friend. Once your ride has been accepted, you can contact your driver and tell him that he will have to pick your friend instead of you. You will also be able to book your ride in advance. However, that feature is presently available for selected locations only. You will be able to offer different types of ride tiers for yourself. You will also get to know the estimated cost of your ride before requesting your Lyft.

Does Lyft have different car options to choose from?

Lyft offers to you both budget-friendly as well as high-end rides. We have listed the four different tiers of car that you can choose from:

  • Line: Line is the cheapest option available to you. You will be able to share your ride with some other passenger who is going in the same direction as you are.
  • Lyft: Lyft is the standard option available to you. Here, you will be able to book a right for yourself and 3 other people at the max.
  • Plus: Plus is especially useful if you have a bigger group of people. You will be provided with a 6-seater car.
  • Premium: Premium is perfect if you wish to ride in a more stylish way. You will be provided with a four-seater luxury car for your journey.

How do you make money as a Lyft driver?

If you are looking forward to earning a few extra bucks for yourself, then here are some really useful tips for you which will help you to make a lot of money as a Lyft driver:

  • Try to drive during the peak hours of the day. In this way, you will be able to charge more money from your customers.
  • Target the busiest places in your area so that you get a lot of customers and you need not have to sit idle even for an hour.
  • Offer referral codes and discounts to your customers. This will encourage your customers to refer you to their friends and relatives.
  • Also, you must always keep your car neat and tidy. This might help you to earn some tips.

To end with:

So, this was all you need to know about Lyft. Other than Lyft, various other ride-sharing apps are also available. You will get a lot of blogs on the Internet about these apps. You must make it a point to visit these ride sharing blogs before choosing your ride.