When Instagram was launched it was accepted by people all over the world. Eventually, the number of Instagram users increased. With this increase in number, the businesses accepted Instagram with open arms as well. It is used as a marketing platform to advertise products and services. The companies are smart to use such a platform as a medium for advertising as it attracts people and increases the customer base of the company. The content posted over social media platforms keeps the users engaged.

How can businesses use Instagram advertising?

The engagement rate over Instagram is higher than any other social application. The posts are more likely to be noticed on the Instagram platform. Also, gaining followers on Instagram is much easier than on other platforms. The number of likes on Instagram plays a major role as the followers may find those posts authentic that have more number of likes. Also, 1000 Instagram likes can be bought so that more followers are attracted.

Multiple ad formats over Instagram

Instagram offers three kinds of ad formats that are images, videos, and a carousel. Instagram helps the company to depict stories through visual imagery. The video gives you a lot of time to create the message artistically. Also, ten pictures can be uploaded at the same time as more number of pictures can trigger the action. This ad format can help in attracting more number of followers.

Call-to-action button for driving traffic

Instagram offers another option that is a call-to-action button that is available on all kinds of ad formats. One can drive traffic to the website directly by clicking this button. The engagement of users is most important and Instagram helps in doing that. The likes and comments would not matter if the traffic is not driven to the website.

Target audience

The advertising done through Instagram can target audiences on the basis of age, gender, and location. Since Instagram is acquired by the parent company Facebook, it helps the users to reach them according to their interests and connections. Instagram uses the personal preferences of people as a powerful data tool to show people the things they have interest in.

Less competition

Instagram advertising is still in the emerging stage and hence there is not that much competition on this platform. Other social media platforms that are fully developed have so many advertisements on them and they have a tough competition to reach the target audience. The Instagram platform is newer than others and hence offers a less competitive platform. It is easier to reach the target audience with the help of Instagram than other kinds of platforms.

 Instagram for sure is an emerging platform and a great option to advertise products/services. No doubt the comments and likes do not matter. But in some cases, the viewers get attracted by looking at the number of likes. One can also buy 500 likes for Instagram. What matters here is the target audience and how the company is keeping them engaged.