Data-driven marketing is an act of using collected data via consumer engagements with certain websites. This helps in making marketing decisions such as optimizing your website, creating relevant products so that it can be matched with the requirements of visitors.

As per the case studies, around 70% of respondents set their primary aim for attracting web traffic. They all like to do better planning whenever we talk about a digital strategy. 44% of the organizations accept that they are planning to improve the knowledge on different subjects. Here, we are exploring some amazing data-driven marketing tools that are used by the companies for enhancing ROI. Apply for digital marketing course in hyderabad to learn more.


Optimizely is one of the popular tools known for providing data-driven solutions. It works on the world’s leading experimentation platform, i.e., A/B split tests for mobile apps, websites, and connected devices. It makes the users execute multivariate testing with the help of JavaScript variation code. Thus, users can easily compare and contrast numerous versions of experience that provide better customer experience. With this tool, you will experience a scalable, fast, intuitive, and secure interface.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is present as a trendiest web analytics platform, which makes use of big data technology for tracking website behavior. It is responsible for reporting different activities to know how it engages the customers, get a high amount of traffic, average time spent on a website, e-commerce sales, and identify online marketing channels.

Strista Scout 2.0

There are 467 million users who are using the LinkedIn network by working professionals. Hence, it is available as a lucrative source of information. However, LinkedIn comes with certain limitations and can quickly be resolved with Scout.

  • Scout uses a plug-in to get access to a real-time extensive database. This means you only have to pay for triple-verified and professional contact information.
  • You have to open a LinkedIn account, Google Chrome, along with Scout Extension. After adding Scout extension, it is possible to search and add different contacts by clicking on the ‘Add’ button.

The prime benefit of using Scout is getting full access to B2B contacts; this not only saves your time but money as well.

The conclusion

Data is known to be treasured marketing and business growth resources. Thus, data-driven marketing strategies are used by the companies as a fundamental driver for taking marketing shift decisions. Generally, one needs a positive approach to planning the entire marketing strategy to create a relationship between logic and emotion. You can know more at digital marketing institute in bangalore about this.