There are numerous venues for business events that offer the best value for money but your best option is one that is willing to go the extra mile to fulfil your requirements. The sector for events venue providers is highly competitive so that they are pressured to differentiate the venue from others in the market. While the choice for a venue will depend on the kind of event that is being hosted, it won’t hurt to consider other variables that will provide attendees with a memorable experience. 

Important factors when choosing an events venue

  • Size of the business event – the number of people who have confirmed their attendance will help you determine the suitable room for the event. For example, a 95 square meter function room is suitable for 70 attendees and a banquet-style table arrangement. For 300 attendees and a banquet-style table arrangement, a good option will be a 400 square meter space. 
  • Location – is actually one of the first priorities when planning for an event. There are event venues that are prepared to cater to both domestic and international audiences. A good choice will be a venue in a prime location and easily accessible to transportation. It must be near hotels that provide comfortable accommodations and amenities. The location must set the proper tone for the event to make sure that the attendees will have a memorable experience. 
  • Technology – most event venues have Wi-Fi connections but can it support the number of mobile devices that attendees will be bringing with them? A poor Wi-Fi connection will completely overshadow the event and will become the main topic of the business conference. Aside from robust Wi-Fi throughout the venue, there must be video conferencing facilities and social media packages that will extend the reach of the event to a wider audience. 
  • Service and amenities – event venues are expected to provide an adequate number of restrooms particularly the 400 square meter space; however, are there available comfort rooms for disabled attendees? There must always be a cleaning crew available to make sure that restrooms are clean and hygienic. Kitchens are very important for the caterers regardless if the food is prepared inside or outside the venue. 
  • Ambiance – event coordinators usually choose a venue based on the images posted on their website. A better option is to make an ocular inspection of the place to determine whether it provides the right ambiance for a business event. The theme of the venue must convey a professional message.

Event venues that are willing to go the extra mile work in collaboration with their client at every stage of the planning process. All the details will be considered carefully from creating a unique menu for attendees with dietary requirements to providing technical support to address any issues with technology in the function rooms. 

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