Cryptocurrency is already booming with popularity and is one of the top comfortable and beneficial currencies for shopping, gambling, or any other kind of financial operation.

But the facts are that you cannot feel safe and stay completely anonymous using Bitcoin. That is why specialists have introduced the bitcoin mixer, such as BitMix, which makes it possible for you to stay secure when using cryptocurrency. Look closer at its working principles and care to make your financial operations safe.

Principles of Work

With modern technologies, Bitcoin transactions are not as anonymous and untraceable as they used to be. You link your bitcoin account to your email address. Some services where you pay with crypto money, like a casino, require you to send the ID copy. All that get stored somewhere on services and connected to your Bitcoin account and can later be tracked by hackers and scammers.

To avoid such harmful outcomes you can exploit the bitcoin mixer. Such a service, like BitMix, mixes the crypto money you use with the deposits of other users to make your operations and personal data impossible to track. Here is how it works:

  • You create and order at BitMix noting the amount of crypto money you want to mix
  • The service has already got the pre-mixed cryptocurrency of other users
  • You get the same amount (minus the fees) back but from different crypto wallets, meaning that no one is able to track down your account and personal info
  • You are also given a unique code, you can use in the next operations to guarantee that you will never receive your own coins back from the common pool.

This complex process only takes several minutes but it adds to your personal safety and anonymity. Mix your coins with other’s deposits and go shopping online or play your beloved video slots with no worries to get tracked or hacked.