Industries require regular cleaning of machinery parts to retain their efficiency and comply with all the cleaning regulations and specifications. The industrial parts cleaning process involves removing oils, rust, adhesives, greases, etc. For decades, solvent-based cleaners have remained the preferred choice for cleaning applications. But with the latest technological advancements and other researches, the adverse effects of solvent-based cleaners are more highlighted now. Solvent-based cleaners are less environmental-friendly as they use toxic chemicals, also making them less safe for the workers. ArmaKleen helps industries in solving the challenges related to parts cleaning by providing aqueous cleaners that are environmental-friendly and more efficient alternative to solvent-based cleaners. ArmaKleen has formulated a number of aqueous cleaning products that are thoroughly tested and designed specifically to cut through tough greases, oils, and other contaminants easily.

ArmaKleen Products

ArmaKleen provides a versatile and patent aqueous cleaning product line that is economical, safe, and environmental-friendly. Following are some of the ArmaKleen’s prime cleaning products:

Bio 24

ArmaKleen Bio 24 is an aqueous, bio-based, and super-concentrated cleaner that removes dirt, lubricating oils, grease, and other soils from aluminum, copper, steel, and other surfaces. Its application comes in cleaning industrial, automotive, government, and military parts. It can be used in ultrasonic, immersion, spray under immersion, manual, and spray washing equipment.

4 in 1 Cleaner

ArmaKleen 4 in 1 Cleaner is a multi-purpose, concentrated product that can be used in parts cleaning under wide temperatures. It can be used as a cleaning product for almost all industrial cleaning applications. The formulation is such that it is low-foaming, super-concentrated, low VOCs, and prevents indoor rust for the short-term. It can be used in ultrasonic, immersion, manual, and spray washing equipment.

Universal Paint Gun Cleaner

ArmaKleen Universal Paint Gun Cleaner is formulated to be a ready-to-use paint gun cleaner that does not require prior heating. It efficiently cleans solvent-based paints and uncured water-borne present in industrial finishing shops and automotive bodies. It is non-flammable, does not cause paint defects, and meets air quality standards (5 g/L VOCs). It can be used in spray equipment cleaners.

Rust Remover

ArmaKleen Rust Remover is an aqueous acid-formulated cleaner that is primarily used for rust removal from iron and steel simultaneously. Other than rust, it also removes heat scale, flux, and other similar oxides from copper, aluminum, brass, steel, etc. It can be used in ultrasonic, immersion, and hand-wipe cleaning applications. It must not be used in spray equipment applications, as acid vapors can cause health hazards and corrosion on surrounding metal surfaces.


ArmaKleen MM-Recycle is a recyclable, high performance, and non-silicate aqueous parts cleaner. As a low-pH and low foaming product, it is highly efficient in removing oil, grease, dust, and other contaminants from aluminum, brass, copper, iron, steel, and stainless steel. It can be used in ultrasonic, immersion, spray washing equipment, and compatible with the majority of ultrafiltration equipment.


ArmaKleen M-Aero is a specifically designed aqueous cleaning product for fulfilling the requirement of stringent anti-corrosion mentioned in the cleaning specifications of aerospace. As it deals with corrosion, so it can also be used in industrial and automotive cleaning applications that concern with corrosion. It is mainly used in spray washers, but also applicable in ultrasonic and immersion parts washers.