There can be many different reasons why you may have to transport your car instead of driving it. One of the most obvious reasons is while relocating to a different city for joining a new company. Quite often you may also make a plan for a long vacation to some interesting place where you may also need your vehicle with you.

It will always be a smart option to get your car shipped, which is much safer as compared to driving or towing your car because you will unnecessarily add mileage to your vehicle or wear out your tires. Also, it will be considerably less stressful as compared to driving yourself.

The best way to arrange for car shipping will be to contact Ship a Car, Inc. who is the best transport broker having contact with the largest network of transporters. Your car will safely reach your destination wherever you will like it to be transported.

Let us discuss in this article, what are the various processes involved while transporting your car to any other location.

1.    Do a research about car shipping companies

You will find that there are few transporters as well as transport brokers who can transport your vehicle. Usually, a transporter will have a limited number of trailers and hence there can be a certain delay if you plan to transport directly through a transporter.

Transport brokers on the other hand are tied up with many transporters and hence they can arrange to ship your car through their wide network of transports quickly.

2.    Plan for your shipping your car well in advance

In both the case, whether you choose a broker or a transporter you must prefer to plan for transporting well ahead of the day of your movement. If you wait for the last moment then quite possibly you will receive your car quite late and face inconvenience too.

3.    Get quotes from a few companies

Try to get quotations from all the parties that you have researched so far and compare their cost. Usually, you will find that transporters will be cheaper as compared to cost quoted by any brokers.

However, it will be better to know about the reputation of the service providers and read the reviews before choosing any of them. Do not go for the cheapest one.

4.    Handover your car after proper inspection

After you have decided on your car shipper then you must prepare your car for shipping. You must remove all your personal belongings from your car and also any expensive accessories, as car shippers will not take any responsibility for them.

Get your car thoroughly inspected and take its picture from all the sides in presence of the representatives of car shippers before handing over the car to them.

5.    Receive your car at the destination

You can receive your car at the destination and get it reinspected. In case you find any noticeable damage then you must inform the car shipper. Usually, most reputed car shippers will repair them free of cost to maintain their reputation.