Industrial chillers are basically a refrigeration cooling system that helps in cooling a process liquid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. A chiller will either use a vapor compression or absorption cycle process to cool. There are different types of industrial chillers designed to meet different requirements. The chilled water from the industrial chillers has various applications. There are times when customers require a specific type of application where cooling is required. So here are some of the applications of chillers for the industrial process:

  • Waterjet industrial chillers- This chiller is suitable not only to your bottom line but also to the environment. Waterjet chillers reduce long-term hydraulic cooling water, which helps you in saving money and is also helpful for the environment. Waterjet chillers provide you quality results along with being pocket and environment-friendly.
  • Laser industrial chillers- All different types of lasers like Fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and solid-state lasers require tight temperature control excess cooling for an efficient process and effective performance. 
  • Glycol industrial chillers- One of the most important and innovative cooling systems are glycol closed loop chillers. They are the best solution for maintaining an optimum operating temperature for your multiple refrigeration compressors and refrigeration equipment. Companies like  FrigoMan Inc., are distributors of specialize in glycol industrial chillers and hence provide you with quality products and services along with expert technical maintenance.
  • Plating and anodizing industrial chillers- Plating and anodizing chillers have been in the market for decades. These chillers can be used for either single or even multiple applications. 
  • Food process cooling industrial chillers- Food processing chillers are very important because you cannot serve contaminated food to consumers. In order to keep your food products safe and bacteria-free, it is important to maintain and keep them at the right temperature. Cold temperatures are best-suited for most food products as bacteria cannot survive in such low temperatures.
  • Brewery chillers- You cannot serve warm beers to your customers; it needs to be chilled. With an increase in the number of micro-breweries, brewery chillers are to be an important need in the market.
  • Machine tools- Yes, even machines require cooling after all that excessive work they do for us. With the help of suitable chillers available in the market, you can increase the life-cycle of your machine tools and also enhance their performance.

In short, knowing the right application, can help you determin the type of chiller that is needed.