Getting loans for a business – especially, for budding businesses – is a tricky affair. Most lenders usually use technology based evaluations for approval or rejection. Both the cases are dangerous pits. Human intervention and inspection is very necessary when it comes to loaning money. Besides, most lenders take a long time before deciding whether or not to finance a budding business. And in all reality, it’s small and mid-sized businesses that need financing more than the established brands. Check for detailed information about small business loans

So, if yours is a small business in the need of capital investment in a short span of time, it’s investment firms like Accord Financial that you should approach. The reasons that make this firm one of the most trusted capital investor are given below. Have a look!

  1. They are Easy to Approach

You don’t have to wait for weeks to get an appointment. You can simply call them and place your queries. Their finance agents will be available for help at all times.

  1. They Understand Emergencies

Business can conjure opportunities at any time of the year. It means, it’s quite likely that you might end up needing an investment quickly. This is where Accord Financial comes to help. They can:

  • Check your eligibility within a day (even 8 hours) and approve an emergency loan.
  • They have financial experts to review your loan application. In other words, they don’t leave such important tasks at the hands of computers only.

Once your application is accepted, this firm can lend you credit in the following ways.

  • Asset-based lending
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Retail inventory financing
  • Equipment financing
  • Supply chain finance
  • Small business loans
  1. They Pay Out Quickly

You won’t have to wait for weeks before the approved loan appears in your account. An Accord finance loan just doesn’t work this way. These people actually work to simplify the procedure for you.

If you’re a small business making about 100,000 USD per annum, Accord Financial will easily sponsor you for about 75,000 USD. Besides, they offer flexibility.

  • It’s not necessary that you have to apply for a loan of 75,000 USD. It can easily vary between 5000 USD – 75,000 USD.
  • The term can be settled anywhere between 3 – 18 months. It depends on you.

You can also apply for another loan. But, the thing that you might be wondering is, how? If yes, the answers are listed below.

  • In order to apply for a new loan, your previous loan should be 50% repaid.
  • Once the next loan is released, the previous loan is repaid in full. And the balance is counted as the new loan.

All in all, it’s an amazing feeling to get finances for your business on an urgent basis. But what’s more amazing is that elite firms like Accord Financial do provide such services to small and mid-sized businesses, giving them a chance to grow.