One of the most frequently asked questions asked by massage business owners is, “What is a massage therapist website? And, they should include it on their massage website.” In this article, we look at some of the things to include on your massage therapist website

A business website is one of the most affordable forms of marketing you can come across. Some of the perks of having a business website include:

  1. Low budget web development
  2. Wider client reach
  3. Brand visibility
  4. Brand recognition
  5. Easy online promotion.
  6. Efficient tracking of customer behaviour.
  7. Credibility
  8. Information exchange

Essential elements to include on your massage therapist website

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices of what you should add to your massage website. However, there is specific information that you have to factor in to help your present and potential clients learn more about your massage business. 

Below are the elements to consider:

  • Contact information

One of the critical reasons you are thinking of having a massage therapist website is so clients can contact you, right? Ensure that your phone number, address, and any other relevant business information is easy to find. Factors such as location, hours of operation, et cetera should be understandable. 

  • List of services and products

What kind of massage services do you offer? Maybe you specialize in, for example, Shiatsu massage and not other types of massage treatments. List out each of the services you offer and provide a brief description explaining the perks of each. 

Do the same with any other products you might be selling. Such include lotions, essential oils, and massage stones. Some clients have allergies, and you want to make it clear the products you use and their ingredients.

Remember, highlighting this kind of information will help you stand out from your competitors. 

  • An online scheduling system

Today’s clients love convenience, and what better way to offer this than to make it easy for them to schedule their appointments? Online scheduling is essential since you do not have to be on the phone answering customer questions all day. 

  • An about me page

When creating a massage therapist website, you want a page that you can highlight your work history, education, and even personal philosophy. Do this in a way that stands out, so you can target the right audience.

  • Client testimonials

Most massage therapists will have a page meant for client testimonials. For instance, if one of the concerns of the review of your case is the therapy of a patient who has experienced an injury, you can allocate that to the space that deals with helping people recover from injuries.

Also, you can consider video testimonials as they offer a powerful way of showcasing your expertise. 

Positive testimonials attract many clients and, this means more sales and business.  One of the ways to ensure positive customer feedback is by offering quality services and ensuring their satisfaction. 

  • Images

Last but not least, consider the images on the massage therapist website. Photos are helpful and speak a thousand words. If a client has not been in your business before, perfect photos are ideal for helping them familiarise themselves with your business. They are also a great way to remind clients of your business.