The idea

WISOCIALWisocial is a startup that turns wi-fi networks into marketing tools. The Wisocial platform consists of a hardware device that connects an ADSL router to the Wisocial backend server to deliver its service.

Wisocial aims to open up the relationship between those who provide wi-fi services and those who use them. Today there is no way for wi-fi providers to engage in a dialog with users of their services. With Wisocial, users will still get free Internet access but now they will be able to unlock discounts, special offers and loyalty rewards offered by their wi-fi providers. Business owners that use Wisocial can now create two-way relationships with their customers, getting to know their usage habits and product preferences in order to customize and better target their offers.

Users connect to the Wisocial wi-fi through their Facebook or Google+ login credentials, or via a direct registration requiring the completion of a short survey. The Wisocial interface allows the wi-fi providers to access an activity hub that displays login statistics and customer activity logs within the Wisocial CRM platform. This will give business owners the intelligence they need to be able to perform user analyses, customize marketing communications, create specific surveys and coupon and deal creation.

The Wisocial project was born out of the Cherry Merry Lab, a business team already working in wi-fi provider space since 2010, the creators WiFi SimpleSpot, which has more than 400 access points installed with about 60,000 users.


Luca Giraldi

Business Development

Lorenzo Sorace

Tech Development

Martino Massalini

Marketing & Tech Development