The idea

PetMe (www.petme.itis the first Italian community dedicated to pet-sitting, a digital platform in which pet owners find the ideal pet-sitter for their pets, who can take care of them when they can’t.

There are many reasons for which we have to leave our pets alone and unattended: holidays, business travels, emergencies, even a visit to a museum in which dogs aren’t allowed. That’s why PetMe offers pet-sitting services for each one of these needs, so you can leave your own pets to a trusted pet-sitter and know they’re being safe and sound while you’re away.

PetMe offers pet sitting services for each kind of pet – from dogs, cats and rabbits to the exotical ones – letting you choose between home serve, hospitality or dog walking service, and granting you a 24/7 assistance including the veterinary one, which covers any kind of emergency during “pet-sitting time”.

We take care of your pet wherever and whenever you need a trusted and passionate pet-sitter. And it’s easy as 1, 2, 3.




Martina Migliore

Customer Relation

Vittorio Maffei


Carlo Crudele


Alice Cimini

Co-Founder & President