Oval Money

The idea

Oval Money is the first crowdshaped financial planning solution for millennials.

Oval’s idea was born from the need to encourage digital payments and at the same time associate a micro-saving behaviour to every purchase, with simple roundup and top up rules, playing on rewards, transparency and empowerment.

Oval is a simple app that links to accounts and credit cards as well as mobile payment solutions to track spending patterns in a simple and automated way. By analysing financial habits Oval educates users to save through micro-transactions that move money from the linked bank account to a secure and guaranteed saving account, where the funds are accessible at any time. Oval has also created a crowdsourced marketplace of savings ideas and tips that can be followed by ‘Ovalers’ encouraging a more reliable financial behaviour by users.


Edoardo Benedetto


Benedetta Arese Lucini


Claudio Bedino