Martha’s Cottage

The idea

“The e-commerce destination for new generation of couples”.

This is a marketplace with a “Home and Family” feel that follows the natural life of a couple as they travel the road that leads to their wedding and to their lives beyond.

It accompanies them step-by-step in correlation to the products and services that are relevant to each passage.

Once a customer is acquired, a scenario of further sales opportunities emerges as the customer enters new phases of his or her life. This greatly increases the lifetime value of each customer, since we are not limited to a one-time event or to a single-themed site.





Tiziana Mendolia

Co-founder, Head of Customer Service

Simona Canto

Co-founder, CFO

Salvatore Cobuzio

Co-founder, CEO

Laura Bevelacqua

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officier