Little Smart Planet

The idea

LITTLE SMART PLANET, developed in Spain, is a platform of mobile games for Primary and Secondary school children, in which they can enjoy playing while they practices the school subjects in a fun way.
Through this innovate platform, parents and teachers, can check in real time how much time they dedicate to playing and the children´s evolution in the game.
Little`s 54 games include the learning process in the basic subjects: Spanish Language, Mathematics and English and have been created from an educational and teaching study of what children need, in accordance to their development and with the school teaching plan.

Quest Hero, for Secondary School students, It`s a direct questions game with multiple possible answers and just one correct. Games are adapted to the Spanish curricular content of Geography & History, Maths, Physics & Chemistry, Spanish Language & Literature and Biology. It asks questions and offers three possible answers so students enjoy reviewing the most important subjects while competing with their friends, family, colleges, etc.

Little Smart Planet has received numerous awards: in 2015 in the area of digital education, including “THE BEST INNOVATIVE TOOL IN EDUCATION” at the SIMO (Spain’s major computing show), winner of the European “IMPACT” award, or EXPANSION DIGITAL 2015 award for educational innovation. In LITTLE SMART PLANET we believe that educational video games are a tremendous learning tool and help improve academic results.


Juan Baixeras

Co- Founder & CEO