The idea

Juga is a gamification platform for public places based on big screen-to-smartphone interaction. It requires a TV, a PC (or tablet) and an Internet connection.

Juga engages the customers of the public place via their smartphone and allows the place owner to “gamify” his place and get in touch with his clients.

Juga connects business owners to their customers providing an entertaining, flexible, social gaming experience. Does not require additional hardware, nor applications to download, in order to ensure top compatibility with all smartphones.

Juga is meant to be used in public places such as bars, pubs, restaurants, discos, or during events, by business owners who seek to benefit from knowing and getting in touch with their customers.

Wherever there is a screen and an audience, Juga brings value: the platform allows managers to broadcast applications such as quizzes, polls, bets, dating, lottery, manage content feeds, prizes, statistics and CRM tools. All the contents are widely customizable to meet individual business owner’s and customer’s needs.


Laurent Bedubourg

Co-founder, CTO

Michele Ampollini

Co-founder, CEO