DOCOMO Digital | b-ventures new investments in SAFFE Ltd

DOCOMO Digital | b-ventures new investments in SAFFE Ltd

DOCOMO Digital joins a pre-series A investment in Saffe ltd, a tech UK company focused on facial-recognition proprietary solutions.


DOCOMO Digital | b-ventures, announces the involvement in the pre-series A investment of Saffe Ltd., a British technology startup specialized in proprietary facial recognition solutions.

Saffe is a platform providing a world-class proprietary facial-recognition technology, especially intended for payments, aimed at making life easier and more secure.

Saffe’s technology – already implemented by two large banking groups in Latin America on some innovative experimental services – is mainly aimed at the rapid and safe identification of users in digital payments, and this is why it has already been recognized as SPI (Small Payment Insitution) by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

“Saffe biometric face recognition solution is very interesting – commented Hiroyuki Sato DOCOMO Digital CEO – and can enrich DOCOMO Digital platform capability, especially the authentication layer and will be and additional USP compared to our competitors”.

Saffe enables merchants to receive payments at the point-of-sale directly with a smartphone without the need to pay for a dedicated POS or any extra equipment and also consumers to pay without wallet, just with a smartphone and nothing else.

Saffe transactions are instantaneously made available for consumers, even though their devices are not needed at the point of sale. These transactions contain not only all information of a regular payment, but also the selfie associated to each one. Because faces happen to be the way humans recognize each other, Saffe consumers can naturally attest the legitimacy of their payments.

Several ways to leverage and integrate Saffe technology to DOCOMO Digital payment solutions have been already envisaged (KYC and beyond), and more precise streams of collaboration will be defined in the next days, involving relevant DOCOMO Digital managers & teams.