The idea

AERODRONAeroDron is the first Italian startup to make use of non-military drones to offer highly accurate professional-grade low altitude aerial photography for a variety of applications, analyses and surveys to assist in environmental protection and disaster prevention.

Born in Parma in 2012, AeroDron is the only Italian company to provide these services to governmental bodies that operate in the area of environmental protection and management, with the objective to supplement the existing fleet of traditional aircraft, eventually replacing them with this more cost effective and accurate technology.

AeroDron is already considered the point of reference for expertise in the world of drones on both the regional and national level. Without a doubt, AeroDron enjoys a privileged point of view — from the sky!


Giorgio Ugozzoli

Co-founder, CEO

Romeo Broglia

Business Development

Fausto Ugozzoli

Co-founder, Data Processing

Mascia Foschi

Co-founder, Flight Assistant