October 2020


A great husband, a proud father of two and a successful businessman for two decades, Jeff Lopes is raising all the attention of motivation seekers. Anyone who read about Jeff Lopes is awestruck to know how he manages everything so beautifully. His years of experience, highs, and lows, and his passion and driven him to the road of success.

Jeff says in an interview that you cannot achieve anything without working hard for it. It is important to channelize your passion and bring complete focus in your vision to make things work for you. Jeff successfully launched his first brand, Kimurawear at the age of 17. From that moment, there was no looking back for Jeff. The brand successfully sold over quarter million pairs of boxing gloves since 2006. That’s quite an achievement to speak about!

More about Jeff Lopes:

Jeff Lopes is a Toronto based business entrepreneur who carries a huge baggage of experiences and roller coaster rides of his years of journey in business. He is not only a successful businessman, but also a responsible parent. His interviews on various platforms speak volumes in relation to inspiration and motivation. From start-ups to fully emerged companies, Jeff has impressed many through his way of leading business.

One of the major mistakes that he feels he uttered was falling in love with his ideas of performance. Jeff strongly relates that the moment you fall in love with your business ideas and if it fails, you will be heartbroken. You will see excuses floating in and procrastination of your results. You have to stop writing on the wall and start working as a professional to make things work. Over addiction of anything is bad for health as well as business.

According to Jeff Lopes, he has felt this situation several times and came out of it successfully by following what he shared above.

 Upcoming projects by Jeff Lopes:

Jeff is in the process of launching a beautiful cabin resort on the breath-taking location of Muskoka, Ontario. The project is targeted to be completed by 2021. Lopes is extremely excited about his new venture. Till then, he is working in parallel with his existing projects such as the Jeff Knows Inc Podcast and Kimurawear.

We wish him the best for his future endeavours and hope that he achieves great results in everything that he does on the professional front.

Jeff Lopes can be reached out at the links below;

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During the Corona virus pandemic, the use of remote access technologies has increased dramatically. Specifically, the use of RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) and the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) has increased by 41% and 33% respectively.

This is linked to the fact that a large number of companies recommend teleworking to employees, which usually involves connecting to private networks through remote access technologies such as RDP and VPN.

According to data compiled by Shodan, a search engine that detects devices connected to the Internet, the number of RDP endpoints has increased from the 3 million recorded at the beginning of the year to 4.4 million, as noted on Sunday 29 March.

This data includes only the RDP end points that are running on standard RDP port 3389. However, Shodan’s founder and chief executive, John Matherly, says a similar increase was also seen in port 3388, which is often used by many system administrators to protect the RDP service from attacks.

Matherly points out that the number has increased by 36.8%, from 60,000 at the beginning of the year, to over 80,000 today. Similarly, the number of servers using VPN protocols such as IKE and PPTP also increased by a third, from 7.5 million systems, to nearly 10 million today.

VPN usage increased sharply. However, these numbers include VPN servers that are installed as ports on private and corporate networks.

Since a large number of users remain at home due to the lockdown that has been imposed around the world with the corona virus pandemic, many have resorted to using Virtual Private Network applications to browse the Internet from home.

For example, last week NordVPN told ZDNet that it had seen a 165% increase in users since March 11, while VPN.SURF reported a 124% increase in VPN Solutions use in the US. Although the numbers are unofficial and based on third-party tracking, the Top10VPN site also noted a similar increase in VPN demand across the market, reporting a 65% increase in VPN demand in the U.S., compared to the last quarter.

There is nothing comfortable than making money online. Some people have doubts that online jobs pay you less. But this is a wrong perception as one can even earn more than a primary job in the online job. Also, making money has a lot of perks than a normal job. The internet has positively changed lives. It has provided jobs to a lot of people. People with required skill sets can earn a handsome amount of money through online jobs. Here are certain reasons that will ensure that why one should go for online jobs:

No working hour’s restriction

Offline jobs have restrictions on timings. Those jobs are usually nine to five jobs and one can earn for that much time only. The online jobs have no time restriction as one can work day and night. The business is open until one is online.

Fewer funds required

One needs less capital to start an online business. Sometimes one can start an online job even without spending a single penny. One just needs an internet connection and he is good to go. Some website even offers free courses for teaching about online jobs. One such site teaches for WordPress Blogging. Get instant access to such tutorials online.

Huge customer base

In the online business, the consumers and markets are not confined to any place. One can have customers and markets from all around the world without any restrictions.

Be your boss

This is the best thing about starting an online business that one is his boss. One is not answerable to anyone as he is the owner of the business. One can do anything as per his choice and he is responsible for his actions.

Takes less time to stand the business

The online business is easy to stand and takes up less time, unlike offline business. Sometimes setting up a website may take time but hardly a few weeks not more than that. Even if one is starting the business from zero it will not take years to stand the business.

Ample family time

When one is working online he usually works from home. This keeps one close to the family as well. One can spend quality time with the close ones and also be present for them for even little occasion. This is how one will never miss family time.

Less overhead expenses

The online job cuts all overhead expenses which are to be borne if one is doing an offline job. Such expenses include transportation charges, food costs, and more.

Convenient business

The online business or job is very convenient as one is doing everything online from contacting the customers to doing the banking transactions.

Enough number of choices

There is a variety of online jobs and businesses that one can choose from. One can do any as per his job and skill set.

These reasons are enough for one to think about the online job and start earning conveniently.

Are you looking to move up or wanted to switch to a new career? Have you recently graduated from college and want to highlight unique skills? Do you have lots of work experience and need to cut it down to smaller sentences? Well, you need to make a resume that stands out to open more doors for you to choose from. A corporate job opening receives an average of 250 resumes. Thus, it’s true that a great job starts with a great resume. So, let’s discuss some tips on designing an impressive resume.

A resume is a summary of your personal, educational, and professional data. It’s a baseline to landing your dream job. Most successful job seekers invest time to create an impressive resume, such as using a logo generation app to give their portfolio a unique personality. They see to it that it captures the essence of their unique qualifications and who they are. Just like promoting a product, a resume should promote the person within.

Basic Resume Rules

Your resume must have all the information needed to convince the recruiter that you’re a good fit for the applied position. The basic resume rules suggest to include the following sections:

  • Contact Information should be on top of any resume. Placing this section on the top portion makes it handy for recruiters to communicate with you using your name and address, email, and phone numbers. You may also include any online messaging account or portfolio.
  • Educational Accomplishments should include the name and location of the institution or school you’ve attended. These should come together with the degree you have finished with any field of study or major. Start the list from the highest or most recent degree.
  • Employment history should start from the most recent position you’ve handled. For every work experience, insert the company name and location, your work position, plus the start and end date of your employment. Add a summary of your job responsibilities for each position you’ve held.
  • Other information may include the awards and skills you have acquired relevant to your application to the job position. You can include hobbies or interests that also relate to it. Avoid putting political or religious affiliations unless needed.

Keep Your Resume Simple but Outstanding.

A clean and simple layout is best. The section headings should be in bold and capital letters. It may also be in a different color to stand out clear. Overstuffed resumes are hard to read. See to it that there’s plenty of white spaces for the recruiter to read it easily. Unless you’re applying as an artist or designer, skip the fancy graphics, illustrations, and pie charts. They don’t blend well with software that scans resumes.

Today, most job seekers use a resume in PDF form. Such a format can make a good-looking document with a touch of exclusivity. Sending your resume in PDF makes it outstanding. The formatting remains the same as you designed it. Whether the recruiter opens it on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other devices will remain the same. Unlike if you send a word document, the fonts and margins may be inconsistent. To create a resume in PDF, you can check a free pdf editor online.

Replace Your Resume Objective into a Summary Statement

A career or resume objective is an overview of an applicant’s professional goals. It’s a one or two-sentence explanation of why he is seeking employment. This style has gone out of fashion. It’s smart to replace it with a summary statement to highlight the value you can offer to a company. A recruiter may not be able to read your entire resume. Putting a summary statement right below your contact information can spark his attention to read your resume in full. Make it brief but powerful.

In a summary statement, tell who you are and what you do. State your most relevant strength and years of experience in the position you’re targeting. Alternatively, you can focus on your qualifications. State the skills you can offer and how they would benefit the company.

Spotlight Your Skills and Other Accomplishments

Before applying for a job, you need to understand the job description and qualifications thoroughly. Check which program and skills are mentioned. In this way, you can list the skills that match the need on your resume. You may also include any program or training you’ve completed to build up your qualifications further. Consider adding any volunteer experience that’s related to the position you’re applying to. These things can spotlight the skills you have outside of the workplace.

The Bottom Line

An impressive resume is not just a plain document. Be honest and straightforward in building yourself up. At the same time, use your creativity to impress the recruiter. Remember the rules. It should have all the information needed to convince a company to hire you. Take advantage of a free pdf editor online to create a resume that transcends all devices and platforms. Use a summary statement instead of a career objective. And spotlight the achievements and skills you have acquired outside the workplace. As such, a resume is an exaggeration of the good things a person has done.

Feedback is so much a part of corporate culture, but the act of giving it is mostly under-used and undervalued, despite its enormous potential. The proven advantages range from an enriched workplace atmosphere, to higher levels of worker retention. Constantly incorporating constructive input within your workplace will ensure that the climate is much more efficient and safe.

These tips for both getting and giving input can increase the possibility of meaningful improvement among employees.

  • As basic as it may seem, a simple “Thank You” from leaders can have a galvanizing impact on employees.
  • Don’t save up your appreciation until your employees’ yearly assessment. It is much more rewarding and effective to let your team know that you support them when the task is still fresh in everyone’s minds.
  • Fostering a consistent dialogue by giving constructive feedback year round ensures that positive reinforcement remains the foundation of the organizational culture, building an authentic workplace atmosphere where the team is continually proud of their job.
  • Positive feedback is of course motivational, but boundaries still have to be set. Employees need to know what is and isn’t acceptable and/or expected of them. Mentoring and development provide opportunities to make these items clear, and gives employees time to share their own feedback for employers, as well.
  • Offer incentives to employees for providing constructive feedback, helping leadership discover more ways that they can set them up for long-term success.

Learning how to give and receive input is a precious and critical ability. When communication is frank, yet receptive, it facilitates a community where conflicts are at a minimum, and continual growth is seen in both employees and leadership. Check out to know more

Whether your business is small or large, there are two things you must do: prepare for the tax season and manage the tax. I know this because I was once a small business owner. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t go from a small business owner to a big business owner overnight. For this, you have to struggle and travel a long way which is not under the control of everyone.

What are those two heavy business tasks?

Believe it or not, it is true that, despite being an old business owner, the above two tasks still seem very big and heavy to me today. But for professional Downers Grove tax accountants, this task seems very easy. This is because everyone is just as good at their profession as you might be.

Accounting is a separate profession, not an extra job

Accounting is a separate profession, not an extra job that anyone can do. Accounting is a vast field that you can’t take lightly. If you take it lightly, you will be at a loss. Deliberately making a profit at a loss in a business is tantamount to destroying it.

I have seen many business people in my business life, including some of my close friends, who suffered a major financial setback at the end of the financial year because they did not hire an accountant. On the contrary, they tried to file on their own but failed miserably. And the reason for the failure is obvious that there were serious errors and discrepancies in their accounts which led to the bankruptcy of their businesses.

Final words

If they had hired an accountant, they would have run their business successfully like me. What do you think?

Working with Downers Grove tax accountants can bring you numerous financial and business benefits that far outweigh the fees. The benefits I like most are the possible cost estimates and the annual tax plan.

The network structured cabling’s primary purpose is to provide a more secure connection for computers through networks. This type of cabling involves the use of wires and cables that connect one computer to another. All of the computers within a system need to have the proper connection and information. The computers connected to the network can then communicate with each other and the outside world simultaneously.

Network structured cabling is vital for your home computer systems. It is possible to purchase this cabling from many different providers in Orlando, Florida. Many people are interested in this cabling in the United States because of the cost and convenience associated with it. There is no need for you to travel to another part of the country to get network cabling as long as you have access to a local provider.

Another option that is available when you need network cabling in Orlando is to install them yourself. Many people in the United States are interested in doing their wiring to improve their computer systems’ security. There are many different things that you can do to help you make sure that the wiring for your network will not break down in the future. You can install a ground fault current sensor into your network cabling to ensure that wires will not be disrupted in the future as the electricity goes on in your home.

The most important consideration when looking for network cabling in Orlando is to make sure that you get it from a reputable company licensed to do business in your area. It is crucial to make sure that the cabling that you choose is safe enough to be used around children and animals and provide enough of an energy return to the system itself. You can also find cabling in Orlando that offers a wireless connection to allow you to take your network with you wherever you go. Some companies provide wireless connections that will enable you to be up and running from your home at any given time. When you use this type of cabling in Orlando, you will not have to worry about the cables breaking and damaging your computer or the other computers in the network.

You will also want to make sure that you buy your cabling from a reliable source to avoid any problems later on. You may want to look around and compare a few different places to see what companies can provide cabling for your home in Orlando.

If you are considering using network cabling in Orlando, it is essential to make sure that you look into all of the options available so that you will be able to get a system that is right for your home. The cabling will add to your home’s appearance and will be much more secure and protected against damage in the future.

The word shipping applies to the transportation of materials in the form of cargo, maybe in a container across the country or within the boundaries of the country. The mode may be across water, air, or land. While considering international shipment, water transport is the most economical way to carry goods. Shipping is the most crucial component of the operation, especially e-commerce.

What is the various classification in the process of freight shipment?

Based upon a load of containers shipments are classified into the following types.

  • Full truckload (FTL): When the volume of shipment reaches 24-26 pellets, it’s considered as full truckload which can be moved via road or rail. These shipments are directed from the pickup location to the destination.
  • Less truckload (LTL): A lesser than truckload is the shipment that involves 1-6 pellets. In this LTL freight shipping or e-commerce inventory, it’s often transferred to various trucks while moving to the destination.
  • Partial truckload (PTL): A partial truckload involves load between 6-12 pellets, and once the inventory is loaded into the container, the possibility of being transferred to a different truck is quite low.
  • Intermodal: This type of shipment involves when the mode of transport is rail, truck as well as road. The benefit of intermodal is that the cost of shipping is reduced, especially that part involving road transport.
  • Expedited: This is the most expensive form of transport and involves road and air. The best part is that the shipment reaches its destination at the quickest possible time and best for urgent delivery.

Various benefits of freight shipping?

There are various benefits of maritime freight shipping compared to other modes.

  • Economical: Sea freight is generally applicable to those goods which don’t have any urgency or cannot be perishable. In fact, this is applicable to both domestic and international containers. Generally, the time involved here is more than those transported by other modes like air and land.
  • Efficient: The container can be efficiently packed with other assignments, which might be from different clients. This is dependent on the size of the container. Pricing is done accordingly. Vessels are designed so that they can carry larger volumes of goods or raw materials.
  • Oversized and bulky cargo capacity: Maritime freight has the capacity to carry bulkier sized freight in containers. The materials that are carried are mainly construction materials, vehicles, equipment, raw materials, and many more. Such larger cargo is not a problem for shipping vessels.
  • Safety: Ship can be utilized to carry hazardous materials and chemicals in such a way that absolute safety reigns. Although goods are insured, the loss due to shipwrecks and pirates attack is now minimized to a large extent.
  • Environmental friendliness: In fact, ships do not emit unnecessary gases thereby making the environment friendlier and suitable for a better state. The emission of greenhouse gases is the minimum here. LPG or liquefies natural gases are utilized here.

Facts to know about freight shipping

The process of freight forwarding might be daunting, mainly if you are a beginner in the process, but there are certain facts that you need to know before starting any venture or assignment.

  • A freight forwarder is accountable for transporting goods between one destinations to another. They are basically responsible for liaison with various carriers thereby negotiating on price and deciding on the most economical and fastest route.
  • This is a hassle-free way to implement export-import trade. The professionals have knowledge on how to achieve the elements of the supply chain, packaging, and warehousing state including custom procedures.
  • The freight forwarders provide a range of services like custom clearance, insurance, international import-export documentation, and packing, storage, and Inventory management.
  • A freight forwarding company is advantageous to your business since they have the expert knowledge that would ensure your goods reach the destination in the right time.
  • Freight forwarders are not responsible for delays in shipping like bad weather, breakdown or might be port delays. Shipping delays could be a whole level of frustration but you cannot blame your freight forwarder.
  • You have to take care of your paperwork or the release of custom or bank documents would be at stake. This is important as the freight forwarder will help you with the release of your goods.
  • Freight forwarders adhere to strict regulations and would not carry any goods or substances which are harmful. The list of substances is – inflammable or dangerous goods, drugs, alcohols, batteries, perishable items, and sharp objects.
  • If you hold a good relationship with your freight forwarder company they will take care of your goods and make sure that the service includes warehouse storage, cargo insurance, dangerous goods handling, and cargo tracking. All of these come without an extra cost from the side of the freight forwarder.

The freight forwarding company will present you with a range of documents that include the following:

  1. Bill of the landing contract.
  2. Commercial invoice for the goods to be handled.
  3. Certificate of inspection for the goods.
  4. Original statement certificate for the materials handled.
  5. License for export for the goods.
  6. Packing list for export purpose.
  7. Declaration document for shipper’s export.

What are the factors to estimate that determine the shipping rate?

While you estimate the amount of shipping rate, certain factors come into consideration. These factors are:

  • Mode of transportation: The mode of shipping will determine the rate of shipment. Say like air shipment will be the most expensive as that will be required to ship only urgent and perishable items.
  • Origin and destination: The distance between the origin and destination will determine the rate of transportation. In fact, the relationship between the distance and cost is inversely proportional.
  • Size and weight: The bigger the package, the more expensive it will become. Make the length and breadth figures be estimated to accurate inches or rounded up a bit higher.
  • Special type handling: Goods that require special care like refrigeration will cost to be higher and incur additional charges.

How do you prepare a freight shipment?

The major steps involved in shipping freight are as follows:

  • Make pallets that are appropriately sized.
  • Design shipments that are non-palletized.
  • Attach labels to each pallet.
  • Follow the freight carrier instructions meticulously.

Once you are acquainted with the rules of freight forwarding, you will be in a better position to handle any shipment and have remote knowledge on how to handle the consignments. Get the best quotes from topshipping, your most trusted shipping partner.

Credit is known by everyone and we use this in daily life. We can term credit as the contractual basis in which the person borrows something from valuable and repay it as in form of a loan with interest. This process of credit is used in business moreover. To maintain good credit rates we should follow the creditworthy policy. In this article, we will be discussing the app used for credit. This is a promise which we pay back to someone. For business purposes, it is good and valid. So here all your misconceptions will be solved.

What is the use of credit cards??

A credit card is the same as a form of debit card, master card, etc. Now all cards have different criteria. There is also the best app to repair credit. In a bank what loan we take is given by credit policy. There is a certain criterion to take credit cards. Every month you have to maintain the score and amount of credit value according to your income. Credit is given according to your income. A consumer can get benefit from it. In shopping and different online sources, this can be used for general purposes.

Different app to deal with credit

There is the best app to repair credit. Some of them are as follows.

  • is one of the best apps to deal with it. A paid subscription is required to take benefit of it. To avail, the free benefits take a subscription to it. You will avail of the score of credit and will get updated scores always.
  • myFICO app is also one of them. This is highly costly, not suitable for all. You can get the FICO score of your credit. The simulator of the FICO score act in this.
  • Experian is also one of the apps. This will track the FICO score as well as the Experian credit score every 30 days. This is also the best one to rely upon.

The most important point is credit apps to repair credit are many. Here above are more important ones and useful ones. You can completely trust on this. The more you get indulged in this the better result you can get from it. The choice is completely yours and you can use this as your will. The credit score of an individual is necessary to keep updated every month. Take your own decision and believe in yourself.

Get To know the Types of Resumes

Even a Resume is a document describing the foundation, skills, and achievements of a person. The restart is utilized for assorted reasons, but it’s probably utilised to procure new employment. As an example you can find various sorts of resumes and we’re going to love to describe nearly all of these here for example chronological, infographic and plenty more. If you prefer to design a restart for yourself see resume build.

Chronological Resume

A Chronological resume is the most frequent form of restart. This resume starts with your preceding workout. Most recent jobs are listed on top and other adventures in reverse chronological sequence position. This sort of resume is most suitable for those who have a solid job history. Employers generally prefer this type of restart because it’s not hard to comprehend which tasks experience applicants possess and which task they could perform.

Useful Resume

That really is A type of resume which can be used by those with job openings. This resume focuses more on skills and experiences in place of beta arrangement. An operational resume includes one’s expertise and achievements on the headline, and might not mention the employment history, or it will beat the bottom.

Combo Resume

Within This Sort of resume, one can highlight their abilities and accomplishments at headline acceptable to your job you are trying to get; and perform history in underneath. This can be a blend of a chronological and functional resume. This sort of restart is most fit for workers as it helps them emphasize their skills with each of the advice employers desire.

Info-graphic Resume

This can be A sort of resume in which graphic design is utilized: it consists of shade , layout, style, formatting, icons, etc.. Traditionally, a resume is constructed of text devoting an applicant’s practical experience, skills, qualification, etc.. Do not know how to create infographic resumes assess resume build.

Resume Together with Profile

Resume With employees profile is popularly called a resume having an profile, as it enlists a summary of some candidate’s knowledge, skills, etc. related to some specific job. If the applicant has considerable expertise, then this resume is helpful.

Focused Resume

Even a Targeted resume is a resume which enlists employees’ experience and abilities to your job they have been employing in. It takes more time and energy to look for a targeted resume compared to others. Design a targeted restart. It truly is worth the time as you can get a ideal job according to your qualification and techniques.

Nontraditional Resume

Nontraditional Resume comprises picture designs, colours, bold texting, images, etc., this really is a unique type of restart since the info-graphic; talked about previously. This is an internet resume and suitable for those that have been in imaginative fields and employing for the job in identical areas. It can be in the form of movies.

Mini Resume

It is a Overview of their worker’s livelihood and techniques. This restart is most applicable for those applying for a certain place inside the business they wish to work in. A miniature resume is quick information about employees that they could share with the interview and present themselves.


Even a Restart is vital for people who want to submit an application to get a job; possess different kinds of resumes mentioned previously. Candidate will choose a resume type depending on their condition as well as the type of job they need to really go. To develop specialist resumes you can take help of resume build.